【Signed】'THAT'S WHEN WALLS ARE THIN' - edition


【Signed】'THAT'S WHEN WALLS ARE THIN' - edition
© Chantal Rens

Folder with 15 reproductions of collages made between 2010-2020.

folder size: 302 x 245 x 13 mm
reproduction size: 240 x 300 mm
print: offset full-colour by Drukkerij Tielen, Boxtel, the Netherlands
publisher: Edition Taube, Zurich/Munich, March 2020

edition: 200
signature status: signed and numbered

ISBN 978-3-945900-48-2

€ 80 + shipping

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Chantal Rens' images are always beyond a regular oddity: they show photographs but cannot evoke any direct references we know. Her analog cut-and-paste collages allow us to look into a parallel universe in which the curvature of space around people, animals and landscapes is somewhat different.(...) The new pictures by Chantal Rens, with their torn and jerkily glued together extractions leave little room for nostalgia: the distance in time mainly functions as a reminder that nothing was ever perfect and it never will be. — Edition Taube, March 2020

"Received the truly breathtakingly beautiful new edition" That's when walls are thin "by Chantal Rens with fifteen photo collages as only she can make them. Euphoria and deception coincide, as well as innocence and calculation. A highlight in the field of artist publications!" — Alex de Vries, June 2020

“Thin walls is beautiful! This is how collages should be published. Large format, making it possible to check how they are constructed.” — gj de rook, June 2020